A Different Kind of Sunday Night

What is Turn2?

Every 3rd Sunday night of the month, we have music, skits, food, testimonies, games, competition, & messages on things every young person is battling right now. Young people today are being fed and taught all sorts of foolish things by Hollywood, social media, and educators. Turn2 will address the pressing issues we are dealing with today, give answers, and shed light on otherwise confusing issues (i.e, Family, Truth, Depression, Sexuality, ..etc.). A fun and lively atmosphere for family and friends...     

a good Sunday night out. 

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- Moms + Ladies -

Women are the unsung heroes of society. Without them, society crumbles.

There is a lot of confusion in our world today concerning the value of the woman & her status.. and somehow & someway, Christianity has been accused of suppressing women and treating them like second class citizens. 


The Resurrection

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ! A man who literally died, then rose again three days later. There is no way, that's physically impossible, that's just crazy talk... right?

What is the resurrection? Did it really happen? What does it all mean? There is only two sides to this, either Jesus rose again or did not. Come and see both sides, and you decide.

- Easter Sunday -

St Patrick's Day


Hollywood has got it all wrong!!

It's about more than just a temporary romantic relationship...

When done right, dating can be one of the best times of your life.

Come and see how dating is done right. 

Pictures & Video to come soon...!

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